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Transistor arrays are semiconductor ICs capable of driving high current from minimal input. Our range of product series (30mA~1.5A/20V~80V) can be used in a wide variety of fields. In addition, the adoption of a surface-installation package allows the set to be compact, light weight and high density.
Lineup includes 3V microcomputer-compatible model
Conventional transistor arrays were compatible with 5V microcomputers. Due to the move to low voltage in recent years, however, the lineup now includes a model that can be driven directly by 3V microcomputer output without buffer.
Lineup of MOS transistor arrays
In addition to conventional Bip transistor arrays, the lineup includes MOS-configured transistor arrays. The MOS-configuration lowers electric power consumption and enables high speed actuation, high voltage, and high current drive.
Main Applications
Office Automation Equipment:
PPC, fax machines, printers
Home Electronics:
Air conditioners, fan heaters,
washing machines, refrigerators
Industrial Equipment:
Vending machines, sequencers
20V 35V 40V 50V 80V
50mA (7)M54514AP/AFP   (8)M54513P/FP    
150mA     (6)M54527P
300mA   (7)M63802P/FP/GP/KP
320mA (6)M54534P/FP        
350mA     (6)M54571P    
400mA     (7)M54519P/FP
500mA       (7)M54523P/FP
700mA (6)M54539P        
1.5A       (4)M54532P/FP
Synch. type Source type (Number of circuits in parentheses) **In development
Data Sheets
Type Semiconductor
Transistor array  Transistor array

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