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Ideal for compact, low power consumption XFP - Everything you need in a compact 4 mm x 4 mm package.
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ML01720 is a directly-modulated laser diode driver IC for 10 Gbps optical communication systems. To meet the XFP*1 requirements for small-size fiber optic transceivers which is becoming the industry standard, it comes with APC*2 and shutdown*3 functions all in a 4mm compact plastic package. This will make XFP transceivers more compact and lower priced than ever.
    *1. 10 Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable
*2. Automatic laser Power Control
*3. Function for lowering power consumption during standby
4-mm SLP package
We succeeded in compacting the module into the industry's smallest 4-mm plastic-molded IC package while incorporating the APC and shutdown functions, that have been conventionally mounted on a transceiver board, into the driver IC. This saves lots of driver space for an XFP transceiver with a smaller footprint.
Fast rise and fall times
ML01720 has a fast rise/fall time of 27/27 ps. It produces a high quality waveform with low jitter and low overshoot/undershoot and is capable of high-speed operations of up to 11.3 Gbps.
Wide range of modulation and bias current
A wide modulation current range of 10 to 80 mApp and bias current of 5 to 100 mApp with a wide laser operating temperature range.
Main Specifications
All components are integrated in a 4mm plastic-molded package (SLP)
High-speed operation for up to 11.3 Gbps optical transmitters
25-ohm impedance for XMD TOSA applications
Supply voltage of 3.3 V, consumption current of 100 mA
9.95 - 11.3 Gb optical transmitters/transceivers, 8.5 Gb fiber channel transceivers and measuring instruments
Future Deployment
We will develop electroabsorption modulator drivers designed for indirect modulation and transimpedance amplifiers for receivers to enhance the lineup for 10Gb front-end ICs for optical communication systems.
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