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2.5 Gbps pluggable*2 transceiver optimized for DWDM*3 applications.
*1.SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable)
*2.Pluggable: hot-swappable
*3.DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing)
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Due to a rapid increase of IP traffic brought by broadband access, demand is quickly rising for extensive high-speed yet low cost communication networks. MF-27WXE is a compact optical transceiver for dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems required for lower cost, long-distance transmissions.
Compliant with SD HITU-T and Gigabit Ethernet IEEE802.3
Compliant with SFP MSA Revision 6.2
Equipped with temperature-tunable LD module
Pluggable electrical interface
LC receptacle optical connector interface
I2C (2-wire interface) for serial ID
Signal transmission to 120 km over single-mode fiber at 2400 pm/nm (wavelength dispersion)
Transmission rate of 100 Mbps to 2.7 Gbps
Operating case temperature range -5oC to +70oC
Size 56.5 mm x 13.4 mm x 8.5 mm
2.5 Gbps DWDM applications are used in metropolitan networks that require high-speed, high-volume, long-distance data transmission and other long-distance transmissions.
Future Deployment
We plan to develop a next-generation SFP for higher bit rate and longer-distance transmission to meet the need of the DWDM market for faster and larger volume data transmission.
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