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CMxxHG - xx Series
Commercialization of HVIGBT with Industry-leading level of dielectric strength voltage
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Our high dielectric strength voltage IGBT (HVIGBT), adopted as devices for power conversion in large-electric markets such as electric railroads, electric power generation and industry, is being received favorably by customers, because of miniaturization, weight reduction and improvement in system maintainability.
However, application of these power conversion systems is progressing toward higher voltages. Recently, there has been a demand for insulation performance exceeding the existing traditional 6 kV insulation for the HVIGBT used for the higher voltages.
We have developed a high-insulation package, with insulation performance of 10.2 kV, to meet the market demand and are planning to deploy a line of the product.
It has high insulation performance and enables a simpler insulation design on the system side, used in high-voltage lines, and cost reduction.Dielectric strength 10.2 kVrms
We have lined up three kinds of packages with 3.3 kV and 6.5 kV chips mounted in series, so it is possible to select the most suitable element for the capacity of applicable products.
Because mounting dimensions are compatible with the existing HVIGBT, it is possible to use this element as a replacement, without extensive design modifications on the system side.
Main Specification
Voltage between the collector and the emitter: (VCES): 3.3/4.5/6.5kV
Collector current (Ic): from 200 to 1200A
Dielectric strength voltage (Viso): 10.2kVrms
Bonding temperature (Tj): from -40 to 150°C
Preservation temperature (Tstg): from -40 to 125 °C
Main converter for electric railroad, supplemental power source system
Electric power transmission converter
Industrial use large motor drive control system
High voltage pulse power source system
Future Deployment
In addition to the current series, we plan to meet larger market needs, by developing a series with a dielectric strength voltage of 6.5kV and diode modules.
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