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Achieved the world's highest level rated current of 2400A in a compact style
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In recent years, transportation methods such as streetcars and trolley buses that do not produce gas exhaust are being reexamined due to concern for the environment. Also, in electrical fields, technologies utilizing natural energy are rapidly accelerating. Large capacity inverters are being utilized in those technologies, as they are motor driven or convert power, and the demand for power modules with high reliability as well as the ability to control large currents is increasing.

We have commercialized the N series with the maximum rated current of 2400A in order to meet these market needs.


Large current/low loss
We adopted CSTBTTM, the latest Trench GateType IGBT for the IGBT. Compared to the existing (H series,) an increase of 50% in rated current and 25% in saturation current have been achieved.

Long Life Design
Adopted high reliability AlSiC1 material for the base board (heat radiation board.)  Improved the product life with respect to temperature changes to 10 times that of commonly used copper material.

Compact Package
The 2 kinds of existing package sizes have been consolidated into one. The installation area is approximately two thirds that of the existing product. (H series)

Railway propulsion control system, auxiliary power system, etc.
Main Specifications
Voltage between collector and emitter: 1700V
  Saturation voltage between collector and emitter: 2.4V (125°C, standard value)
  Collector current 5, 10, 15, 25A
  Voltage drop between emitter and collector: 2.3V (125°C, standard value)
  Dielectric strength voltage: 4000V (AC60Hz, 1 minute)
Future Deployment
From railway application to many industrial fields, demand is increasing for highly reliable IGBT modules that control large currents. We will proceed with development of rated current and package sized products according to the various market needs.
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