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ML1XX27 Series
Achieved pulse output of 350mW, the top level in the industry
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DVD Recorders are rapidly gaining popularity as outboard recorders for PCs, and as such consumers desire higher recording speeds. Double-layered disks *1 with nearly twice the recording capacity of single-layered disks are becoming common as well.

Currently, although 16x writing-speed equipment has been commercialized for single-layered disks using Red Laser Diode (LD: Laser Diode) with light output of 250mW, it is only up to 4x writing-speed for double-layered disks, and light output of 350mW is required in order to record at 16x on double-layered DVD±R disks.

We have developed a High-output Red Laser Diode with light output of 350mW, the top level in recording DVD equipment, by further optimizing the device structure of Laser Diodes.

*1: Achieved 8.5GB with Single-sided double-layered recording. Also called Double Layer (DL) disks


Achieved low operating current by adopting low-loss light guide structure. (Standard 450mA@Tc=25°C, Po=350mW: pulse)

Achieved sufficiently high kink characteristics *2 for the light output of 350mW by adopting a long resonator structure. 
Achieved high temperature operation at 75°C. 
Achieved greater reliability by adopting edge window structure *3.

*2: Non-linearity of LD in the light output-current characteristics.
Effective maximum light output is restricted by the kinked light output.

*3: A structure contriving the light output edge of the LD to prevent the laser from being absorbed at the edge. Crystallization occurs from heat emanating from absorption of light at the edge.  Avoiding breakdown (instantaneous edge breakdown phenomenon) makes it possible to establish greater light output and higher reliability.
Perfect for double layered DVD±R 16x writing-speed drive.
Main Specifications
Model name: ML1XX27 Series
  Light output rating (pulse): 350mW
  Central wavelength: 659nm(typ)
  Oscillation threshold current: 80mA(typ)
  Operating current (Po=120mW�CW):  200mA(typ)
(TC=25°C, CW=at continuous working,  Po:light output)
Future Deployment
16x, the fastest recording speed, has been achieved, therefore, we will be exploring development of double wavelength LD to reduce the number of light pick-up module parts and small package type LD for slim drive.  We will proceed with development to bring these products to the market at an early date.
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