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ML1XX23 series
Delivers Pulse 200mW
Ideal for12~16X DVD recorders
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DVD recorders are spreading rapidly as external storage devices for personal computers, etc. While 8X DVD recorders are already in use, there is demand for much greater speed.
Since to improve the recording speed it is necessary to write information on a disk in a short time, there is demand for optical high-output rather than high-output LD recording. Currently, the 140mW class LD is used for 8X recording, and a 200mW class LD is required for 12~16X recording. Since the recently developed ML1XX23 series delivers a pulse output of 200mW, it is compatible with 12~16X DVD recording.
Use of low-loss optical waveguide structure delivers low-operation current.
(standard 270mA @Tc= 25 degrees C, Po=200mW: pulse)
Excellent 200mW kink* characteristic.
Precision processing of the optical waveguide delivers stable oscillation state.
Excellent operating characteristics even at 75 degrees C.
By miniaturizing the optical disc equipment and the optical pickup module, etc., temperature design is easy even with high-density mounting.
Reduced FFP aspect enables improvements in the coupling efficiency of the optical parts.
The aspect ratio for the ML1XX20 series is reduced from 2 to 1.8.
New end-face window structure** delivers high reliability.
  *Nonlinearity in the LD’s optical output-operating current characteristics. The optical output produced by the kink effectively restricts the maximum optical output. The company adopts a structure that remarkably improves the optical output produced by the kink.
  **The structure of the LD’s optical output end face has been altered so that it does not absorb laser light. The crystal disruption caused by heat generated by the absorption of light in the end face (momentary end-face disruption phenomenon) can now be avoided and a larger optical output obtained.
Ideal for DVD recorders (compatible with 12~16X record).
Future deployment
The spread of DVD recorder drives is accelerating quickly and further expansion of the market is expected. There is increasing demand to upgrade the 16X recorder to LD, and the company is now developing a new 250mW optical output model (ML1XX25 series) to be launched on the market in the near future.
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