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Using industry-leading output to help increase communication distance
The Start of Sample Shipments of “7.2V Operation High-Output MOSFETs” for Commercial Radios

On July 1st, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (President and CEO: Setsuhiro Shimomura) will begin shipping samples of three new types of 7.2V power amplifier MOSFETs (*1) for commercial radio that have achieved industry-leading output (*2). These products will be presented at the “IMS MTT-S (*3)” (June 13th-16th in San Francisco, U.S.A.).
*1: Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
*2: As of June 12.
*3: International Microwave Symposium Microwave Theory & Techniques Society

The demand for commercial radios used by police and fire departments, municipalities, and private businesses to support greater communication distances is growing. As a result, higher output from power amplification components (MOSFETs) mounted on power amplifiers is essential.
By utilizing optimal production processes for each frequency band, Mitsubishi has developed three varieties of MOSFETs that generate industry-leading output, for use in 7.2V portable commercial radio power amplifiers. These MOSFETs are perfect for portable commercial radios requiring high output.
Product Overview
Outside Dimensions [mm]
Sample Price (tax excluded)
Release Date
Scheduled Production Qty
Frequency: VHF band Output: More than 10W
6.2 x 8.0 x 1.8
760 yen
Start of Sample Shipment July 1
Start of Mass Production August
600,000 Annually
Frequency: UHF band Output: More than 8W
800 yen
Frequency: 900MHz band Output: More than 5.5W
890 yen
Achieved industry-leading output at an operation voltage 7.2V, helping to increase communication distance
By adopting optimal production processes for each frequency band, Mitsubishi has achieved industry-leading output in MOSFETs with an operation voltage of 7.2V. We have also helped to increase communication distances by making the following output levels possible: in VHF, more than 10W (175MHz), a 43% increase; in UHF, more than 8W (520MHz), a 14% increase.(*4)
Additionally, we have also lined up a new variety for the 900MHz band.
*4: Compared to RD07MVS1 (more than 7W) used in both VHF and UHF band.

Improved heat radiation characteristics through a new heat radiation mechanism
Mitsubishi re-examined the element configuration and adopted a new heat radiation mechanism by placing the heat spreader surface on the upper surface in the opposite surface to the electric terminals of the device. This improves the heat radiation characteristics when mounted on radios.

Main Specifications
Power Output
More than 10W
(12W typ.)
More than 8W
(9W typ.)
More than 5.5W
(6W typ.)
Drain Efficiency
More than 55%
More than 50%
More than 43%
Drain Supply Voltage (Vdd)
Input Power
Future Deployment
We will plan to begin shipment of products that operate with 12.5V automobile batteries by the end.

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